Destination Wedding Venue: Rosas Y Xocolate - Merida, Mexico

Paseo Montejo, often referred to as Merida’s Champs Elysee,  is a tree lined boulevard with mansions and notable museums but also home to a mysterious, bright pink, 3 story boutique residence - Rosas y Xocolate.

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Adopting 2 side to side mansions that had been abandoned for more than 30 years, this authentic and peaceful residence was sensitively converted to a charming boutique hotel. It has been restored with careful craftsmanship to maintain the elegance of its origins while holding on to an old-fashioned sense of space and grandeur with a modern touch.

Rosas y Chocolate is a bright attraction on the rather muted Paseo de Montejo but a brave yet beautiful mimic of the Yucatan pink. 

Using the ancient Mayan technique of Chukum, a resin extracted from the bark of a tree of same name and mixing it with cement, the walls of this hotel are designed to maintain the essential origins of the Yucatan charm. Chukum also makes these walls cool and soft to the touch and you’ll find yourself quietly running your finger against the walls as you walk through the carefully connected walkways and arches of the hotel.

The technique is used throughout the hotel and extended to all the outdoor showers. 

Its own destination within magical Merida, the hotel has a renowned restaurant with indoor/outdoor seating, a rooftop bar, a small swimming pool and a spa. The rosas motif is beautifully placed in the most unexpected places.

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Rosas, in honour of the owner’s mother, Rose and Xocolate in honour of Mexico since cocoa has been central in the tradition of pre-Hispanic people of Mexico, specifically in the Mayan civilization. Rosas & Xocolate is an experiences that immerses you in local culture while holding on to all the simple luxuries that offer ultimate rejuvenation.

This oasis is a promise of delicious, chocolate filled treatments and uninterrupted afternoon naps. With only 17 rooms, all decorated in contemporary furniture with the utmost attention to detail, this boutique hotel is the perfect option for romance travel and stylish honeymooners who are open to pairing their beach vacation with a few days of exploring the Yucatan. Many venue options within the property including the open air rooftop bar, Moon lounge, makes it a perfect buy out option for intimate destination weddings.

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“Rosas & Xocolate, a delicate game, a fragrance, a unique experience, being in the past and present, a duality”
— Kolozs Carol Fischer, CEO

All photos were taken by our friends, The Love Studio on our trip to Merida together -

Instagram: thelovestudio_