Destination Wedding Venue: SANARA - Tulum, Mexico

The sophisticated design of SANARA Tulum has without a doubt been turning heads as the newest addition in Tulum. And it did that quite literally for us. While driving through the quirky boutique filled main strip in Tulum, Andreea from The Love Studio (no so quietly) said "STOP the car right this minute" at the exact same moment I screamed (not louder than her) "what is that and why haven't I seen it before??". we pulled the car to a screeching half, left it in the first "parking spot" we could find and proceeded to explore SANARA on a rather impromptu visit.


Sanara was spectacular at first look but even lovelier once explored. It is poised and polished yet effortlessly approachable with the friendliest staff around.

Beachfront in Riviera Maya’s bohemian paradise, Sanara’s mix of natural fibers, local stones and its minimalist white on white design adorned with dream catchers,  makes it a peaceful paradise with nature as the only distraction around. A magical space that will heighten your state of awareness and take you on a personal healing journey that will likely continue far past check out. 

Being location right in the heart of Tulum with half as many treatment rooms as guest rooms, allows you to do as much or as little as you'd like. The hotel features a sleek beach-appointed Yoga Studio and a world lass wellness center that promises the very essence of Sanara's mission and meaning of its name - To heal. You will heal.

All photos by The Love Studio -