Destination Wedding Venue: Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche

About 2.5 hours on the road we turned down a back trail through a dense forest and for the next 25 minutes we were on our own with no car in sight until Uayamon crawled out of the jungle. The Hacienda was unoccupied for the day to accommodate our shoot and the absolute silence accentuated its mystic serenity. It embodied all things that represent the sacred bond of marriage: a mystic sense of peace and protection alongside an infinite mystery that will never be truly known. 

Of all our travel adventures with The Love Studio, this was one for the books and one we'll never forget. It is a day that bonded us and changed the path we were on.

Two Birds bridesmaids dress from Loversland is a perfect versatile option the girls will actually wear again. All photos are of course by The Love Studio.

Mahla PourshamsaComment