As our wedding week is approaching us, we thought we could make a few suggestions to ease the packing for the trip.


Remember to arrive at least 2 hours before departure time


Items within the resort rooms:

●       Chi shampoo/ conditioner

●       Flat iron

●       Iron

●       Blow dryer


Baggage Allowance:

As per Westjet baggage rules and regulations each guest can bring free of charge:

●       1 small personal item (such as purse, laptop bag, camera bag etc.)

●       1 carry on baggage

●        1 checked baggage (West Jet and West Jet Encore accept bags up to 157 centimeters (62 inches) in combined dimension (length + width + height) and 23 kilograms (50 pounds).


Liquid Allowance in Carry-on Baggage:

●       Security screening permits one clear, closed, re-sealable plastic bag with no more than 1 L (one quart) in capacity for liquids, aerosols and gels. These items must be in containers of 100 mL/90 g. (3.4 oz.) or smaller, and fit within your carry-on baggage allowance.


  Important to Have Done/Packed:

●       Passports (Guests should make copies of their passports and leave the copy with a relative/friend not travelling to Mexico)

●       Medical insurance/travel insurance

●       Vaccinations if needed

●       Daily medications, supplements, vitamins

●       Visa (if needed)

●       Plane tickets/itinerary/boarding passes

●       Credit card/travelers checks/cash


     Toiletries/Personal Items: 

●         Extra Contact lenses/solution

●         Reading glasses

●         Sunglasses

●         Sun hat

●        Shawl for the evening

●         Insect repellent

●         Sunblock

●         Aloe vera gel

●        Toothpaste & toothbrush

●         Deodorant

●         Comb/brush

●         Shaving cream

●         Razor

●         Tweezers

●          Nail clippers

●          Nail filer/emory board



●       Makeup (blush, mascara, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick/gloss, eye shadow, etc.)

●       Makeup brushes/sponges

●       Blotting papers

●       Setting powder, setting spray

●       Moisturizer, eye cream, etc.

●       Makeup remover

●        Facial cleanser

●        Hair gel

●        Hairspray

●       Flat iron and/or curling iron

●        Bobby pins/safety pins

●        Perfume/cologne

●        Shoes for beach wedding day, indoor reception

●       Attire for all events (Welcome Dinner, Maiyaan (haldi) Ceremony during the day, Mehndi (Henna) Ceremony in the evening , Beach Wedding Ceremony in the morning, Ballroom Reception in the evening, Post Wedding Brunch)


Resort Information/Activities/Amenities:

 You can visit this link for more details:


●       Spa

●       Nightlife

●       Scuba diving

●       Flow rider

●       The playroom for kids

●       Golf

●       Yoga and pilates

●       Beach soccer

●       Fitness center

●       Entertainment

●       Beach volleyball

●       Pool volleyball

●       Billiards

●       Basketball Court

●       Tennis court

●       Meditation garden