The Eventeur team specializes in Destination Weddings and hosting events in some of the most exotic and beautiful destinations in the world. Our experienced team of talented event designers and travel experts truly believe that connecting with our clients on a personal level is the key to our successful events. 


What makes us different



A Level of service very few can match. We always come from a place of yes! if there is a way to do it, we will figure it out before you have to ask us to. We take the time to get to know each of our couples individually and cater to each guest with much care, based on their specific requests and preferences.  We are solution oriented, passionate and tireless individuals who have destination weddings down to a science. It’s what we do! Let us take the planning off you, so all you focus on is the experience.


We are Travel Experts. We know the ins and outs of group contracts, airline blocks and hotel buy-outs. We know the most recent laws of your chosen destination, the frowned-upons and the how to's. We know the challenges that may face you or your guests along the way and will be your trusted guide to help navigate you through it all. We've done this before! When planning a destination wedding, your guest's travel experience is just as important as the celebration itself, use our expertise to make it a seamless and stress-free process for them.



We don’t count the hours or the meetings required to perfectly execute your dream wedding day, we give it all it takes. Our team works with 4 different time zones and understands that your daily life doesn’t pause to plan to a wedding.


Destination Weddings – ONLY.

We do not plan weddings at home nor anywhere in North America. Our focus, our specialty and what we live and breathe is destination wedding management. This also makes our unique relationship with various hotels, resorts and venues, a valued one.



No hidden fees. No back hand commissions from vendors, ever. No surprises. We include all applicable taxes and fees in all quotations and make sure you have a clear understanding of all costs involved in hosting your dream destination wedding. We are honest and upfront about all the challenges that may be involved in hosting an event in each specific location abroad, as they are quite different than the challenges you may face at home. We review each contract you sign In detail and are always YOUR planners, on YOUR side. We go to bat for you when needed!



The destinations and one of a kind venues that we recommended are hand-selected for our clients. Our creative director has sourced these venues based on years of spontaneous and obsessive travels, long drives and personal site visits. Each hotel, private estate, historic site, chateau and hidden gem has been mapped out in a careful selection process with the logistics of hosting an event in mind. With a wealth of knowledge and personal experience, we are able to recommend the perfect venue for your special celebration that checks all the boxes.



We work with a trusted and talented group of vendors who are the very best at what they do. We believe in sustainable tourism and working closely with the local talent. What makes us unique is that our network extends beyond to local (permanent) staff, trusted contacts who know the ins and outs of finding anything and everything and non wedding-vendors like carpenters, gardeners, musicians and specialty chefs. You name it, we have the perfect contacts and resources.



Simply put, we care! you should our past couples. Our passion and care in creating the perfect day goes beyond our clients. It is extended to the destinations that host us and our dearest friends who make up the network of professionals we work with all around the world. We are respectful to local customs and traditions, familiar with cultural temperaments and protective of the natural environment. We truly believe in leaving a destination better than we had found it and taking nothing away from it but a lifetime of memories.